Saturday, July 23, 2011

Post-It Love

So for D-Day I need to create some kind of cool background for people to stand infront of while they have their happy snaps snapped … and I had this really cool idea to make a bright coloured, lumo Post-it montage. Yes, it would take a good couple of hundred hours to create - but the effect, I’m sure, would have a talkability of about 10 out of 10, not to mention the fact that it’ll just look flipping awesome.

But I must be honest, the hard labour that has to go into it is a little off-putting, when you add it to the list of a gazillion other things that have to be done for a DIY D-Day.

But then I saw this video and thought to myself: "Self ...  if they can use over 350 000 post-its to create something super cool like this, than I’ll be damned … so can I."

With the help of the brideslaves of course!

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