Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I bought some of the super popular Washi Tape while I was cruising the streets of Grenoble last year … because naturally, you can’t really find the stuff in South Africa. Unless, of course, you consider that really gritty worn and torn 3-piece little bundle that they’re selling at the Space, to be Washi Tape … which personally,  I don’t.

But after the constant hype about it from all the bloggers, I was referred to this shitty site to buy some Tape online, and I did … but I’m still waiting for my delivery of an exciting pack of 10 colourful Washi Tape Rolls to stick on everything I can think of. It’s been about 7 months now and I’m R450 down. Still no Washi Tape. I’ve mailed them about 4 gazillion times and even tried phoning, but still no luck and no response. And NO Washi Tape.

But anyway. There are 2 points to this story:

1. Don’t EVER buy your Washi Tape from this website because they won’t send it to South Africa; they SUCK hairy donkey balls. 

And 2. Live your life vicariously through those who do.

I love the way this chick has used Washi Tape as cute table decor rather than using fresh flowers, and then carried it through to candle jars too. Real pretty effect don't you think? 

images courtesy of kelly oshiro events


  1. you can buy in SA from

  2. Thanks Ashe. I love In Good Company - was just super excited about a colourful 10 pack. Oh well. You lose and you learn.