Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paper Cut

Ok so I know on the side panel here it says that this is an ad-free blog … well, does it count if I’m advertising myself? Hope not, cos I want to introduce you to my new little business venture.

As a copywriter who dreamed (or is it dreamt?!) of being a designer, I thought I’d place a little bit more emphasis on dong what I love – and that’s making pretty things - for myself and for others. And then the fee-arn-say told me I needed to earn my keep around the house, so I decided to ask people to pay me for the pretty things I make them. And so far, so great!

E-stationery is a growing trend amongst us environment and wallet conscious party planners, and what better way to speak to your potential guests than through their computer screens – where they spend most of their times anyway. Plus it’s all really affordable – it has to be otherwise nobody would want it, right

But enough waffle from me. Take a look at some of the stuff I’ve done and please feel free to pass it on to any of your friends. I do e-stationery for weddings, parties, social gatherings, and anything your little heart desires. And although I specialise in email-able stuff I can easily help with printing if that’s your bag baby.

Click on the image to see it really really big and kief.

Joking about the fee-arn-say by the way. He just wants bigger birthday presents!


  1. Jeepers Kendz, how did I not know about this?!?!
    You are ONE TALENTED gal*

  2. this is AWESOOOOOOME my friend!! Just love your designs!!!! Will def do some marketing for you ;)