Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I often think about how weird the concept of a blog is.
I mean, I think it’s a very cool concept, but it makes me wonder sometimes … why do I feel so guilty when I don’t have the time to log in and post something. It’s not like I’m talking to anyone in particular. It’s not like I’m losing out on money, or failing at my life, right? Then why does it feel so bad to be away for so long!?

But never mind. I’m back and I’ve been thinking about you, my dear little Distings, for so long now, and I have missed you oh-so-terribly. Almost as much as I have missed the sensation of summer rays seeping into my sallow skin … But no more!
No more will I feel lost, and lonely and like I've failed you dear Distings. Adele and her lyrics to Someone Like You will no longer make us feel like we’re destined to be apart, when really, we should be together always!

No more will I fall asleep thinking:  

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