Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Changes Everything

Just got back from a crazy weekend of extreme high society in Cape Town with the BoyF and my little sis. Stellenbosch student life, a day at the races with the likes of Trevor Manuel’s really tall son and other rich but pleasant brats, lounging on a private beach with oh-so-yummy cocktails, eating R160 pizza … time to come back to reality and do some work. SIGH

But a 4am start hardly makes Monday morning any easier to deal with. And to top it all off, flying is my worst thing – after wind and mosquitoes - it’s painful, and it’s boring. It’s painfully boring too. But thanks to the wonders of my fancy new iTouch I was able to get through the 2-hour slog with a smile on my face. Do yourself a favour and check out this beautiful duo on their lovely little website: 

Then go watch the music video and listen to 4 of their tracks before you rush off to buy their new albumn. Totally delightful. My favourite is AND THE BOYS – had that one song on repeat for an entire hour. The poor bullet next to me had to sit through half a flight of the same muffled harmony coming from my headphones. But he can thank me later. The rest of you, go check it out NOW! 

Their website is just magical

Each new page has the same functions...

But a different look & feel

Did I say magical?

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