Monday, August 23, 2010

Boodie Bottles

Trust Coca-Cola to think of everything.
Tying in with Milan Fashion Week, and in an effort to raise money for the earthquake stricken Abruzzo region in 2009, Coca-Cola light (of course with fashion – it's gotta be light) teamed up with spans of famous designers to create the ultimate fashionista bottles.

The bottles actually went on sale after the show and proceeds went towards funding scholarships for young females in the Abruzzo (Italy) region to further their educations.

Conveyor belt style runway

Moschino playful girl range

Check the convertible above the Versace bottle

How cool that they “walk” themselves up and down the ramp. Ingenius. If only all creative briefs came with huge budgets like this one. Oh to work for Coca-Cola. SIGH.

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