Friday, March 9, 2012

KONY 2012

So you’ve all seen the KONY 2012 video by now, right?
If you haven’t, here it the link if you have 30 minutes to spare – which I recommend you do.

Yesterday was my turn to watch it. And of course I cried, and sat through the whole thing, and felt incredibly moved and motivated by the end of it. I mean, who wouldn’t.

Well, lots of people actually. Within seconds of posting the link on my facebook page and making a comment about how I’d donated $15 towards the cause - I mean what’s that? Less than R120! – I was bombarded with anti-KONY 2012 comments and links and people wanting to facebook chat with me about the joke and pretentiousness (I quote) of it all. There was so much banter, and after reading a couple of unpleasant articles, I actually deleted my post and deleted my monthly debit order to the Invisble Children Organisation.

I’m totally pissed off with myself.
I stumbled upon a cause, a good one, and I finally had a chance to help in a tiny way by giving some money and ordering a KONY 2012 Kit to use to promote the cause, and then I let the cynicism of some fools change my mind about it all. Totally pissed off.

I don’t care what you think of KONY 2012. I don’t ever recall asking your opinion anyway, so don’t give it to me please. Negativity and general crapness are not welcome here.

The cause is working. Yeah, it helps that they’ve got amazing backing from all sorts of places and people, an insanely hot hollywood-esque video, fancy headquarters and a gigantic team of hippie looking American youth pushing for more … and even though all the information isn't entirely on target - like the fact that KONY is no longer in Uganda, and hasn't been for over 6 years now. 
But ...  it’s working. 
We're talking!

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  1. i totally agree pops! the YOUTH are finally doing something to make a change, instead of waiting for the ELDERS to shift their ways. africa is our homd we want to keep it that way!