Monday, October 10, 2011

Coldplay you make my heart go giddy-up

I’ve been thinking all weekend about how to write this post.
But I don’t know how.

I don’t know how to explain what I felt when I first saw Chris Martin on stage. This dude that I‘ve been so into since I first saw him crying along a rainy beach singing about being Yellow. This dude with the beautiful gap between his teeth, and the red AIDS ribbon sewn into his shoe; this dude who made me cry uncontrollably for an hour and a half as he ran, sprang and bounced around the stage singing songs that bring back all kinds of memories and make me feel all warm and bubbly on the inside! (mind you … that could also have been the puke flavoured brutal fruit I was sipping on?)

Shit man …

I have this feeling in my tummy that feels a little something like ‘longing’. It’s like I’ve just had the best night of my entire life … and the realisation that it’s over is not a very nice one! I feel homesick. But I also feel amazing – like I’ve just witnessed an incredible act of awesomeness and I’ll never be the same again.

Mumsie called the next morning to ask how the show was. I promptly confessed to it being the best night of my life. “That’s great kiddo” she replied … “but I’m afraid the best night of your life is still to come”

So thank you Coldplay for being so epic.
But it’s time to move on, and get back to wedding plans!
But one more song before I do ....

New album comes out on the 24th of this month.
I’ve already ordered mine online!

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  1. i have to say (and don't kill me for this)... i proclaimed before this concert that i wouldn't have attended it, even if i'd been given tickets for free! and i didn't go... BUT, after everyone's proclamations (and i mean EVERYONE) that it was the 'best night of their life', i am truly devestated that i missed out. it sounds like it was epi. i will not make that mistake again... (so please don't rave about KOL either, as i actually cannot attend)