Monday, December 13, 2010

We’re always so quick to let people know about the bad experiences we’ve had with our favourite or not-so-favourite brands. Like the time those nasty ladies at the Pavilion Baby City almost had me in tears they were so poofey. I ended up running out of there hoping I never have kids and never need their help again.

Or the time I ordered about the tomatoe pasta  (read: a bowl of plain penne pasta with 1 tomatoe cut into quarters and placed around the edge of the bowl) at Primi Piatti and when I enquired as to where the rest of my dinner was the manager swifty told me that if I didn’t like my bland, falsely advertisind meal, I could leave.

But hey .. everyone makes mistakes. Like the guys from Waterfall Butchery. When mom-dog hired a lamb on the spit for the 21st we were all very excited for our pending feast. That was, until little bambi refused to turn. Eventually the guys got her working after a very stressful 3 hours and 18 enquiry calls to Debonairs for mass pizza deliveriess. The next day, however, when the butchery guys found out about their faulty product, they reimbursed mumsie the full price and offered her free use of the spit, or another fully functionig one, any time she wants!

And today, when I wanted to make sure my flight on Friday to Cape Town is in fact actually destined for Cape Town this Friday at 6, I went online to try find out - only to discover my flight reference belongs to an expired, unpaid for booking. Just marvellous.
I could have sworn I paid for a flight. But then again, I wore the exact same thing to work today that I wore to work on Friday … so my memory is not really one to be trusted at the moment.

Now in a frenzy to try find the right reference number or at least a flight that wont cost me a million gazillion last minute dollars, I tried to call Kulula. BIG, BIG mistake. If you’ve never tried calling the Kulula Help-Line … don’t start now. You, like me, will sit on the phone for 46 minutes listening to the very tired Trevor Noah trying to be funny about how why a very concerned operator is taking their sweet ass time to answer my “very important, highly valuebale phone call”.

Then I tired the next best thing. I emailed them. Knowing full well that if I did ever get a repy it would be next week Thursday, in which case I’d already have missed my non-existent flight and it wouldn’t matter much anyways …. I thought maybe, just maybe there was a hope.

And by jove, there was! I’m not kidding when I say lthat ess than 8 minutes and 36 seconds later I got a direct email reponse from a lovely lady named Karen who promised to sort out my problem. And sort it out … exaclty 2 minutes and 8 seconds later … she did. My flight is re-booked and paid for (so I’m not such a klutz) and everything is in order.

I’m so very proud of Kulula for their speedy, friendly, and totally surprising service that I received today. I’m super chuffed and thought I’d just put all the good karma chuffedness out their in the world!

Ok enough for today – I need to go buy airtime!
Thanks a lot Trevor Noah.

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