Friday, April 5, 2013

Grub's Up B*****s

So … I’m studying again.
I’ve signed up for a Digital Marketing Course, and I’m super amped. I get to act like a mad irresponsible student again. Yayness.

And … I’m blogging again.
One of the course requirements is to start a blog and maintain it for the 8 week duration of the course. So I figured, hey, I’m already one up on these chumps … I’ve got a blog. Shit, I’m totally gonna ace this thing!

The fact that I haven’t used said blog for about a year, probably means otherwise. But I’m back and I’m trying, ok, that’s gotta count for something.

I thought I’d ease myself back into it with some funny shit that my Bestie just put me onto. We’ve got this new thing going where every Sunday we send each other a new recipe and we’ve got the week to try it out, and report back. I figured it's the only way I’m actually going to start getting excited about being in the kitchen, and she’s so ridiculously healthy, drinking spinach and goats milk yoghurt smoothies for fun … I’m hoping to learn a thing or two from her.

It turns out thugs can be healthy too.
This is seriously some funny stuff from the ThugKitchen.
Warning, lots of mother fucking swearing and shit.

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  1. Hahahahahaha, so good to have you back!!
    Yay for studies MAKING you blog!