Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ok so operation CREATIVE SPACE is underway.

My first task was to find someone who knows how to put up shelves without bringing down walls, who can plaster up holes from feeble earlier drilling attempts and who can put up with my “a little to the left … no actually I want it over here. Maybe down a bit … and then up a little more” style of direction.

Along comes the Norwegian uncle, handy man of note. 
I’ve got him penciled in for the whole of next weekend. Which gives me just about enough time to think about what the heck I want him to do.

I know I want shelves all over the place,
I know I need my new pin board stuck up somewhere, and
I know I need my not-so-new craft table (Christmas pressie from the hubsie that’s just been abandoned in the garage) to find a home so I can start, well, er, crafting I guess!

Here’s my pin board plan. It's the big cream and grey thing in the centre.
And some pretty reference to get the ideas sparked. 
Maybe a week isn’t enough time after all, is it.

images from pinterest

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