Friday, February 10, 2012

Sleep Time

Hubs and I bought ourselves a new bed with our wedding winnings (also known as money). And because he’s 6 foot something and wears the pants in the relationship (not really!), he got to choose the bed – an extra length king size complete with double twin memory mattress on top. What that basically means is that every night I have to take a running jump up just to get on top of it. He, of course, thinks it’s hysterical. I just find it daunting every time I have to abseil back down to the ground floor each morning. 

Anyways … It doesn’t look anything like this, but how super cool would it be to have a an office with one of these bad boys in the corner. Jump around, make some noise, do some work, and then just lay down for a quick shut eye! We’re going to need a really big house one day for all the cool stuff that I’m planning on filling my 'office' with.

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