Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas comes at a bit of an inappropriate time for us this year. Not to be completely selfish or anything, but D-Day comes first … literally … and I’m not sure where or when I’m gonna get the time to deck the merry halls with itchy shards of tinsel and get gifts and things for all of our 40+ family members . 

 It also means we’re going to have to postpone the annual Christmas Party. Not cool. But what IS cool, is that I’ll be forced to buy all my goodies online this year.

Found a sweet little site this morning which is a mini version of In Good Company, and it’s really well priced too. How cute are these ceramic containers that resemble tin?  Check out The Selection here


  1. Ah LOVE this shoppie! Already placed some orders! Thanks for the link friend xxx

  2. Thanks for the post! Glad you found us - we have lots more lovely handcrafted items on the way! x